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Singing, especially in a choir, is associated with a myriad of health benefits that are just too vast to ignore. So “live long, prosper and join a choir!”


Research shows that singing in a choir reduces stress, anxiety and depression, lowering heart rates and improving overall wellbeing.


The VOCALSVILLE Choir is different because:


• We never over-fill our choir losing the feeling of connectedness and community

• We sing a very wide range of songs including pop, jazz, musical theatre, blues, gospel, rock, soul and more so there is something for everyone and an opportunity to experience and learn from different musical styles

• We teach our choir members how to present themselves on a stage and to perform, enhancing their experience and building confidence as a result

• We show our choir members how to breath effectively which helps to reduce anxiety and stress, increase energy and strengthen the voice

• We pass on lots of singing advice so our choir members feel they can improve their individual sound and progress to singing solo should they so wish

• We have lots of performing opportunities available


Our Choir Leader


Experienced singing teacher and performer Rachel leads the choir.  She is passionate about helping people experience the joy of singing and the energy and aliveness that brings.


New members are always welcome. Call now on 07759 544 963 to book a free taster session or to book the choir for your event. We meet on Monday evenings

8pm to 9.30pm term time.


It is a fun, friendly group who enjoy singing a wide range of songs from

Pop, Rock, Musical Theatre and Jazz.  Please see our Choir page for more info.


 Check out our News & Events page for more information or follow us on Facebook.



CHOIR TESTIMONIALS I have very much enjoyed the varied selection of songs we have been able to learn and perform and I look forward to singing many more! Eva Norvid Thanks for your wonderful work with the choir, Rachel. You are always encouraging, and really seem to know how to blend the voices of singers with different abilities into a harmonious whole. Your enthusiasm is infectious, and has created a wonderfully supportive environment, within which we are all able to grow and develop. Alan Neale A big thank you for the warm, friendly welcome you gave me as a new member. You have generated a great atmosphere with your enthusiasm and knowledge. I cannot wait for the new term. John O’Hara