inspiration and mentoring



Learn all the tips of the trade, with tried and tested techniques enabling you to sing more effectively and for longer.  Lessons are tailor made to suit each individual.   Areas covered include:



• How the voice works

• Breathing for singing

• Relaxation techniques

• Warm up exercises

• Posture

• Rhythm and tempo

• Diction

• Tone production

• Resonance

• Blending of the low, middle and high notes

• Strengthening the voice

• Microphone technique

• Taking care of the voice

• Expression

• Lyric interpretation

• Performance tips

• Help with choosing songs and building your own repertoire



We run regular showcases where our students have the opportunity if desired to perform in front of an audience.


We provide the opportunity to explore different styles of songs:

Pop, Rock, Jazz, Musical Theatre, Blues Jazz, Funk and Soul


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